CHURCHILL: “According to Holy Writ” – Part 6 – ‘To be or not to be’

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Winston S. Churchill

Winston S. Churchill

Throughout this part of the GOD & CHURCHILL: The Evidence Exposed series, we have focused on the early prediction Churchill made at sixteen, and now, in these last 6-parts of “According to Holy Writ”, what he himself professed to believe.

The evidence that my co-author Wallace Henley and I present in God & Churchill, strongly supports Great-Grandpapa’s own contention that his life was both directed and protected by a greater force than himself. These articles have gone into more depth, demonstrating that Churchill not only believed in God and the words in the Bible, but that his faith was foundational to his character and leadership.

We began this part of the series looking at Great-Grandpapa’s essay on Moses. In Churchill’s own words he professed to believe the literal words of the Bible story. Despite the fact that in his day, science was able to offer an explanation as to the possibility of the Exodus, Churchill chose to recognize that science exists to run in tandem with faith and religion, not stand as the reason against it. ‘We may be sure that all these things happened just as they are set out according to Holy Writ.’

Having demonstrated that Great-Grandpapa had an unquestionable belief in the words of the Bible, it became necessary to establish whether he had a faith in God and also whether he believed Jesus to be a mere prophet, or the son of God. In order to address this, we first needed to examine the character of Churchill in comparison to that of Jesus Christ. “You shall know them by their fruits,” is how a faithful servant of God and follower of Christ is known. The evidence Wallace and I presented painted a true picture of Churchill. His early arrogance was quickly overcome in his youth and was replaced by a humility that drew people to him as a leader. Churchill demonstrated humility, humanity and forgiveness and the evidence of this is seen throughout the 1930s and then during the Second World War, especially at the beginning of his premiership when he, like Hitler, could have taken revenge on those who had stood opposed to him and caused him hardship.

Great-Grandpapa confessed his belief in Jesus as the son of God, during his conversation with Field Marshal Montgomery in 1952, “Christ’s story was unequalled,” he told his old comrade, “his death to save sinners [is] unsurpassed.”

Finally, again through Churchill’s own words we see a further and equally strong confession of his faith. Writing while on the run in South Africa, Great-Grandpapa stated with clarity that, ‘without the assistance of that High Power, which interferes in the eternal sequence of causes and effects more than we are always prone to admit, I could never succeed.’

The information I have presented so far in GOD & CHURCHILL: The Evidence Exposed, stands to establish that Great-Grandpapa had a faith in a very real God who clearly, when he was sixteen, revealed a prophesy that in later years became a reality. However, still needed is an explanation of where he originally acquired his faith, and what evidence there is to support Great-Grandpapa’s contention that his life was indeed directed and protected for a purpose?

After the Christmas break we are going to examine these issues more closely, beginning with a review of the influence his nanny, Elizabeth Everest had on him, and then addressing his rejection of faith in India.

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CHURCHILL: “This Invaluable Exposure”

The origins of Churchill’s faith in God and the literal words of the Bible


Front Cover (USA) (sml-150x225)Jonathan Sandys, a great-grandson of Britain’s wartime Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, along with former White House aide and current senior associate pastor of Houston’s Second Baptist Church, Wallace Henley, reveal compelling evidence that overturns the erroneous belief that Churchill was either an agnostic or an atheist.


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‘We may be sure’
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“You shall know them”
Matthew 7:16 – The Holy Bible, (NKJV)

“Christ’s story was unequalled”
SANDYS/HENLEY, God & Churchill: How the Great Leader’s Sense of Divine Destiny Changed his Troubled World and Offers Hope for Ours, p.197

‘without the assistance’
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Winston S. Churchill:

GOD & CHURCHILL: front cover, 2015 – (US-Edition)


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  1. I heard you speak in Kansas City, Missouri at the Central Library, downtown, with my husband. Your wonderful talk & book inspired me with real hope in these hard times of no choice in the the leadership of this country! May God Bless our future as He did with your Great-Grandpapa, Sir Winston!


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