CLEMENTINE CHURCHILL: Overlooked and Understated

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Winston and Clementine Churchill

Despite their visibility and obvious function, the tires of a car are ironically the most overlooked part, according-to Firestone Complete Auto Care manager, Tom Hix. “They are,” he said, “crucial to the vehicle’s performance, safety and even fuel economy.” Looking through the history books at some of our greatest world leaders, it is amazing to discover that historians have readily raised the Winston Churchill’s, Ronald Reagan’s, even Margaret Thatcher’s upon pedestals of greatness, while sadly overlooking the equal importance of their spouses, many of whom were crucial to their partner’s performance, safety, and even health awareness. Until the advent of biographies by my Great Aunt Mary Soames, Jack Fishman, and now Sonia Purnell, my great-grandmother Clementine was one such spouse, relegated to a mere mention in books, but often in the understated or implied address as the wife of Sir Winston Churchill.

With my soon to be released speech CLEMENTINE CHURCHILL: The Power Behind the Throne, I wanted to offer a short insight into my journey to redress the balance, as I explored for myself the woman historians so easily dismissed. Over the coming weeks, NEVER SURRENDER! will be focusing on the life of Winston Churchill, and how intricate my great-grandmother was to his success and legacy.

“I could never have succeeded without her”
Winston S. Churchill

Join me for next week’s Churchill Bulletin release as we look at how Clementine rushed to her husband’s defence over Gallipoli, and the advice and support she gave Churchill while he served in the trenches of France.

A Fight for Right, Not Might


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