CLEMENTINE CHURCHILL: The Power Behind the Throne

I could never have succeeded without her
Winston S. Churchill

Winston Churchill is claimed by many as one, if not the greatest leader of the 20th Century. However, few consider how he got to lead Britain in our darkest hour, and from where he drew the strength to lead with courage, faith and integrity.

Winston Churchill is the statesman the whole world
recognizes. Clementine Churchill is the diplomat few know
Jack Fishman, Author

Clementine Churchill is one of the most understated women in history, and without her Winston Churchill would have disappeared after the disaster of Gallipoli during the First World War, and the history we read today would be very different.

Through meticulous research, drawing on the letters, life and testimony of Winston and Clementine Churchill and those who knew them, Jonathan present an honest portrait of his great-grandmother, and the vital influence she played on The Greatest Briton…Ever!

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CLEMENTINE CHURCHILL: The Power Behind the Throne

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