LEAD LIKE CHURCHILL: Courage, Faith, Integrity

Sir Winston Churchill’s great-grandson, Jonathan Sandys, presents Lead Like Churchill, a unique leadership course based on the example of his great-grandfather.

Lead Like Churchill is a three-part, in-depth study of Sir Winston Churchill’s leadership, designed to instruct, inform and empower you to become great leaders of courage, faith and integrity.

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CHURCHILL: The Character of Leadership

Character served as the foundation upon which Winston Churchill’s leadership was built. But whose hands were responsible for laying it? You’ll begin the course by closely studying the tools that were used to create the innermost pillars of one of the greatest leaders of the Twentieth-Century, and the people who wielded them. From his oft-strained relationship with his father, Lord Randolph Churchill, to his beloved Nanny Everest, Winston’s life was ruled and directed by circumstances and relationships that you will find surprisingly relatable.

CHURCHILL: Character in Action

Leadership is character in action. Character that doesn’t bend, break, or sway with popular opinion. Character that is open to others, and is humble enough to make room for them at the table, whether they are there to praise or criticize. Character that credits others with the victories, and themselves with defeat. We will take an in-depth look at the peaks and valleys of Churchill’s life; how he stumbled, fell, and rose to the occasion time and time again. From the Boer War and Gallipoli, to his stand against the rise of Hitler, all the way to his unthinkable defeat in the 1946 election, and his return to the helm in 1951 as the Iron Curtain drew closed across half of Europe, Churchill’s character allowed him to remain steadfast in the face of the most violent upheavals, and deepest personal struggles. In these fires were galvanized the words, “Never, never, never give up!”

LEAD LIKE CHURCHILL: Courage, Faith, Integrity

You are here to figure out how to be a great leader like Winston Churchill, right? This section, then, is about you. And it’s the most important one, because Churchill has been gone from this world a long time. You are here now. His legacy of leadership means nothing if we don’t use it to reveal and refine the leaders locked within ourselves. You’ll do that by taking the lessons learned from the prior two sections, and using reflection and interactive application exercises to implement them into your own life, thereby awakening the masterful leader within

The truth is, the world doesn’t need another Winston Churchill. The world just needs you at your best, leading as he did: with courage, faith and integrity.

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