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PLEASE NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list, and speeches can be created or adjusted for your audience. Jonathan tailors all his talks to appeal to every client’s need.


CHURCHILL: An Overview
Churchill from birth to death with all the excitement in-between

GOD & CHURCHILL: A Most Remarkable Connection
Based on Jonathan’s book; factual evidence that historians were wrong!

CHURCHILL: The Greatest Leader of the 20th Century
An introduction to Churchill’s leadership of courage, faith and integrity

CHURCHILL: A Life of Failure, A Template for Success
Put down and hated, Churchill refused to SURRENDER!

CHURCHILL: The Gathering Storm
The ten-years that almost saw Churchill’s end

CHURCHILL: A Bit of Wit and Wisdom
“Winston, you are drunk…” – The wit and wisdom makes for a great after-dinner laugh


CLEMENTINE CHURCHILL: The Power Behind the Throne
Great spouses are invariably the key to successful leaders and Winston Churchill was no exception. Clementine was Winston Churchill’s secret weapon

IN CHURCHILL’S SHADOW: “My faithful vigilant guardian”
Lessons in security and protection from the past for a modern-world. Churchill was an obstinate protectorate, and Commander Walter Thompson’s greatest challenge

CHURCHILL: A Life in Living Color
Churchill painted over 500 paintings in his lifetime. CHURCHILL: A Life in Living Color is an in-depth study of one of the largest privately owned collections

An introduction and overview to how Churchill crafted and delivered some of his greatest speeches that reversed the fortunes of an all-but defeated world

CHURCHILL’S STRUGGLE: The Black Dog depression that nipped at his heels
A personal insight into the Black Dog depression that haunted Winston Churchill throughout his lifetime, how it affects descendants, and Churchill’s strategy to keep the dog at bay


LEAD LIKE CHURCHILL: Courage, Faith, Integrity™ (1-day)
Unlike anything seen before, this is your chance to take an in-depth look at Churchill’s leadership and lean his secrets so you too can Lead Like Churchill with courage, faith and integrity

SPEAK LIKE CHURCHILL: Effective Communication (OPTIONAL 1-day)
Part-of, and separate from the Lead Like Churchill course, SPEAK LIKE CHURCHILL: Effective Communication, is an additional componant to round-off the leadership skills of Sir Winston Churchill. Learn Churchill’s communication secrets that changed a nation, a continent and a world from despair to hope. A practical application to write and Speak Like Churchill